Unique Classic Living Room Ideas
, It is important to have three levels of lighting: High, especially if the ceiling is vaulted or has special materials such as wood or plaster; medium, which includes wall sconces; and low, which means floor lamps and other small lights. But remember, modern living rooms don’t need a lot of lighting.
one of the creative, and cost-effective ways of decorating the living room still looks stylish.
Asian style makes your living room full of meaning The contemporary Asian-style living room combines minimalist and traditional style. Each element is included in the design, ranging from mural walls, wood floors, carved ceilings, unique and comfortable sofa shapes, to works of art displayed on corner racks, providing balanced energy and perfect comfort.
The process does seem simple. However, before choosing furniture, it’s good to invite family or residents to discuss first. This includes the matter of furniture needs, tastes, and the most important: budget.
Unique Classic Living Room Ideas
, The living room is a place to receive guests while communicating with outsiders. The living room is usually located in the front part of the building structure of the house so that the living room becomes the first room to enter. This room is usually kept away from the bed to protect the privacy of the host, but close to the kitchen and dining room to facilitate serving guests. Common furniture in the living room is a guest table and chair.