Luxury Side Table Designs for Living Room
, This error must be avoided when designing a living room.
Ignore the main function of the living room: Stick to the concept that the living room is used to entertain those who visit at home. Entertaining in the sense to just chat. Don’t then think of making a versatile living room. Don’t put the dining table, or worse, the bed in the living room.
For how to organize the living room can be seen below.
Selection of a Large Sofa Chair: If your living room wants to use a sofa chair in your living room, try to choose a large living room sofa, this is because a large sofa is better and also gives the impression of a spacious living room. New for additional seats can use a small chair.
It must be remembered, the selection of furniture must be in accordance with the theme of home design. The same thing applies to the classic type – which in this case: You can use teak furniture according to taste. Whatever you choose, make sure the furniture / furniture can look harmonious, unite with space, comfortable, and visually pleasing.
one of the creative, and cost-effective ways of decorating the living room still looks stylish.
Combine lighting with natural colors A simple and comfortable living room becomes the family’s dream. Modern brown-style sofa can be chosen because of its natural color according to the color of the wall behind it. Family photos that are intentionally printed in black and white are arranged neatly under yellow lighting, a dumb decoration that can tell the life and friendliness of its inhabitants. All natural colors are comfortable but tend to be dark, offset by the opposite wall painted white and large windows for natural lighting.
this is the actual furniture ‘you must have in the living room.
Table: You can use a coffee table that is usually placed on the side of the chair. It doesn’t need to be a large size, an important table here can be used to put drinks or snacks served for guests. The table can also be used as decoration ornaments. Place it on one side of the room then place a collection of books or flower vases.
Luxury Side Table Designs for Living Room
, Small living rooms should not be a constraint in design, you can do a number of brilliant ideas for the beauty of the living room. Therefore we have come to present beautiful designs from the best works of designers that are challenging for all these circumstances, whether in a narrow area or lack of space. Everything can be created to stay comfortable and relaxed for you.